Thursday, June 4, 2009

From The City Of Lights To The Eternal City: Part IV

Tuesday, May 19 {Cinque Terre}
The last time I was in the Mediterranean Sea I was in Africa!

Left Florence early and headed to Pisa and then onto La Spezia.

From there we went to Cinque Terre ("the 5 cities").

The hike (which took us along limestone cliffs that over look the Mediterranean Sea) started in Riomaggiore and went through 3 cities and ended in Monterosso. I can't even describe how gorgeous it was!

From Riomaggiore we went on a walk to the second city Manarola. The walk was nice and easy and the views of the cities were breathtaking.

The hike from Manarola to Corniglia was a little more challenging but it was worth it because the view was getting better and better.

We stopped in Corniglia for lunch (Greek salad) and a gelato (lemon)... what else?.

The last hike we did was from Corniglia to Vernazza. The hike was burley and it was nice to finally be done.

Instead of hiking the last leg, from Vernazza to Monterosso, we took a ferry.

Monterosso was beautiful! We went to the beach (limestone beaches are not the nicest), took pictures, and took naps by the water.

The last time I was in the Mediterranean Sea I was in Egypt!

While we were taking naps on the beach a few small jellyfishes washed up on shore. They were blue and kind of cute... don't worry, no one got stung!

After exploring the final city and seeing a procession for a funeral, we jumped on the train and headed back to Florence.

The day was long and hard but totally worth it!

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Rach & Mike said...

Your trip looks like it was amazing! How fun! Random Question: Is this the Rob from Freshman year?