Friday, June 5, 2009

From The City Of Lights To The Eternal City: Part VIII

Saturday, May 23 {Coliseum, Panthenon}
A taste of the Roman Empire

Woke up early and went to the Coliseum.

We did the audio tour (which is highly recommended).

The Coliseum was beautiful! The floor was uncovered so we got to see where the animals and gladiators would have been before the fight.

It wasn’t as well preserved as I thought it would be but still stunning.

Next we hiked through the Palatine (where the Emperors lived) 

and then through the Forum.

The Forum was amazing because of all the ruined temples.

Next, we headed over to the Panthenon.

It was huge! For being over 2000 years old, it was so big and still in great condition!

I paid my respects to Rafael before we left.

We headed back to the hostel to take naps and wait for Emily’s brother, Mark, to come.

After Mark got to the hostel, we headed over to see the Coliseum at night.

Right by the Coliseum was a party/rally/festival going on for the upcoming UEFA Championship (European football… apparently its comparable to the Superbowl in America).

We walked around the festival, took pictures, and then jumped on the underground and headed for the Spanish Steps.

After hiking up the Steps we walked over to the Trevi Fountains.

Here we got our 14th Gelato!

Rome is beautiful and warm at night.

Sunday, May 24 {Pompeii}
Left where they fell

Emily, Mark, Katey, and I left the hostel early and went to the train station to take a train to Naples.

At the train station we ran into Emily’s parents (they are missionaries serving in Cambodia and were allowed to leave to come to Emily's brother's wedding)! They are so cute!

But we almost missed our train (it wouldn't be the first time)!

Took the train to Naples were we got on another train and went to Pompeii.

The site was 2 k away from the Pompeii station so we decided to walk.

Along the way we had taxi driver stop and harass us because they wanted to take us. Come on now! Its only 2 k. How lazy do you think we are?!

We arrived at Pompeii, after asking directions from some locals, and began our audio tour.

There is a 2, 4, or 6 hour audio guide tour. We decided to do the 4 hour one.

They city was crazy and huge!

(The picture above is from one of the best preserved places in the city... the brothel) 

We stopped half way through to eat lunch. This consisted of bread with netala and crackers… we are trying to save money.

Overall, Pompeii is a must see. I really liked seeing the cast of the people that were there when Mt Vesivus went off.

After Pompeii, we were hot and tired so we got another gelato (#15) and headed back to Rome.

Back at the hostel we said goodbye to Mark (Emily and Mark are going back to Florence the next morning for their brothers wedding).

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Lauren Jayne said...

I think that is really cool that you guys did an audio tour, I'm impressed by your stamina! We wandered around and our professor lectured to us. I thought I was going to die though and become part of Pompeii, it was so hot that day and I was completely parched!