Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"No really Court, did you see that rock?!"

This last weekend 3 of my friends (Damon, Chris, and Casey) and I headed out to Parowan to go shooting.

[Parowan shooting range]

[Clay pigeons]

[The guys showing me how its done]

Even though I didn't shoot the gun I did throw a couple of skeets, which I was pretty good at!

Next, we headed up (a couple thousand feet in elevation) to the Yankee Meadow Reservoir to go fishing.

Even though we didn't catch anything (poor guys... no dinner...) I had a great time watching my friends yell at the fish they couldn't catch (typical boys).

Since I didn't fish or shoot I was able to play around with my new camera some more. I need to figure out all the settings before I go to Alaska!


Rebekah said...

You're going to Alaska!?! I'm so jealous! Also I'm jealous of your throwing abilities. I tried throwing and shooting and the boys asked me to stop. Haha

Katey said...

shooting and fishing....paul will be so proud of you when i tell him! I miss you ho ho!