Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to Pamper Yourself

Along with a nice phone call from my boss I also got a sweet Christmas bonus this year!


So what do you do when you get a nice bonus? Go and spend it in Vegas!

I decided to pamper myself this weekend... why not?

I stayed at the Bellagio in a Tower Suite which overlooked the pools/gardens (I really wanted a lakeview but they were all taken). My room had a king sized bed, a large tub with jets, and drapery and sheer controls that you can operate from bed!

I really wanted to see O but it's on break until later this month so I went and saw KA (a Cirque Du Soleil show) at the MGM Grand Hotel instead and I'm glad I did. It was amazing! The acrobats were incredible, the story was fun, and the entire stage constantly rotated. I kept hearing people say, "how are they doing that?!" and I was constantly thinking the same thing! It's definitely the best Cirque show that I've seen so far!

I forgot to tell you but I completed my 100,000 meter rowing challenge! It was supposed to take 30 days but I did it in 7. Needless to say I was sore and deserved a massage.

So I got one!

While at the Bellagio I got an 80 minute hot stone massage and a facial. Both were heavenly!

To top things off, I went to a huge dance party with a bunch of my friends that live in Vegas. There's nothing like dropping it like it's hot with one of my best friends, Emily, and a great group of people.

Overall it was a great weekend! I have been working hard and thought I deserved a nice "vacation".

I almost forgot! I bought these super cute boots too!


Ashley said...

That sounds soooo relaxing and fun! It's always grea to pamper yourself every once and awhile and you definitely deserve it! Glad you were able to do that =]

Tahnee Gregory said...

100% Jealous! Your "vacation" sounds amazing!

Karilyn Carreon said...

Lucky Lucky Girl! Sounds like you had a blast!

We Three Zweigs said...

Love following your travels.

Tiersha and Josh said...

Ok we need to a girls trip and do everything you did in this post!