Sunday, December 5, 2010

Missing My Bed

I decided, kind of last minute, to go home to LA for Thanksgiving. Even though it was a short trip I was able to see some friends in Vegas (I flew out of there), go to Missy's (my sister-in-law) baby shower, go out to dinner with the family for my dad's birthday, get a massage, finish my Christmas shopping, have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, and see all my married cousins, so it was worth it!

[The Neilson Clan]

[Missy, Me, Tiersha, and Tahnee]

After a long weekend, I flew back into Vegas just in time to find out that the freeway was closed down in Cedar due to another storm. Luckily, my best friends fiance let me crash on his couch for the night.

I woke up early the next morning, drove back to Cedar (instead of taking 2 1/2 hours it took about 4 1/2 because of the storm), got to work, was told we were heading to Vegas to go hiking, went home, unpacked, repacked, and headed back to Vegas for the week.

After a long week of hiking in the Vegas desert, we headed back to Cedar where I went home, unpacked, repacked, and then headed to Provo to attend my cousin, Tiersha's, Christmas Party.


So where am I now? Well, after another long and fun weekend I am finally back in Cedar. But not for long. Come tomorrow night I will likely be back in Vegas or St George for work.

Being in the field can be fun but sometimes I really miss my bed... hotel beds suck and mine is so comfy!

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Brandon and Bethany said...

I LOVE your scarf! Also, Missy's tummy is adorable. :)