Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Break: Christmas in LA

December 23
- Headed to SLC for my late night flight to LA.
- Got picked up from the airport by my little brother, Luke, and went to eat a late dinner at

December 24
- Got a mani-pedi with my mom.
- Headed to OC where I had a reunion with a few of my high school girl friends. It was so much fun catching up with the girls. I can't believe where everyone is 7 1/2 years after graduation!

[Jessica, Me, Aubrey, Kristen, Shannon, Lauren, Jamie]

- Went back to LA where Luke, my mom, my dad, and I played our annual Christmas Eve Monopoly game.

December 25
- Woke up and opened Christmas presents.

[Luke; money, slippers, books, and a camera]

[Me; books, Beauty and the Beast, an ESPN hat, and Toy Story 1-3]

- Headed to OC for the Neilson Christmas Party.
- Watched the Lakers loose. It was a very depressing game.

December 26
- Watched the Chargers loose. WHY?!

December 27
- Went to the LA Zoo.

[Asian Elephants; the bull]

[Asian Elephants; the cows]

[Me and the giraffes]



Overall I really enjoyed being home with my family and friends for a few days.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Rachelle said...

so glad you were able to spend time at home...isn't it a drag coming back to work?!

Ashley said...

Hahaha, I always get books for Christmas... They're my favorite! Glad you had fun =]