Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Family Trip to Orlando - Part I: Traveling and Gators

Yeah! The time had come! Our family trip to Orlando was happening and I was so excited! The plan was for me to dive down to Ohio, stay with Ryan and Missy for a couple of days, and then fly with Missy and the boys to Florida where we would meet up with my parents, Uncle Wade, and Aunt Karen.

A few days before I was to leave, two things happened: (1) I got a call from my Midwife informing me that I failed my first glucose test. And (2) Missy informed me that all of them had the flu.

Oh great. I failed my glucose test! And, of course, right before that I had ordered a bunch of Girl Scout cookies from a family member AND Josh had gotten me See's Candy for Valentines Day! UGH! I was already planning on bringing the majority of the Girl Scout cookies to Missy and the boys, but I really wanted to eat just a few of the See's Candy! 

Nope, nope! I tend not to eat a lot of sugar anyways and at the same time I decided to splurge a little I get my wrist slapped!

Oh well. It's for the best, right?

I was also told by my midwife that I should get a flu shot and stock up on probiotics and Vitamin C before I left on my vacation. No arguing here! 

I left on Thursday, February 9th, and made the drive to my parents house in Cincinnati. Right after I arrived I called my brother to see if he could come help me find a chirping smoke alarm. Missy ran to the store and got a battery and then came over to help. At that time I told her I was pregnant and that I wanted to do a "FaceTime conference call" with Luke and Andie on Friday so I could tell them too!

The next day I went to Ryan and Missy's to hang out and have dinner. I then called Luke and Andie and told them (and Ryan) that I was pregnant. They were so excited! Andie is only 10 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy so our kids will be really close in age!

The next day (Saturday, February 11th) Ryan took Missy, the boys, and I to the airport so we could fly to Orlando!

Brady and I had an empty seat next to us so Dane came over an joined us while Missy and Cole sat across the aisle from me. Before the plane took off the boys kept asking, "Are we in the air yet? How about now? Now? Now?" They were so excited! 

We arrived in Orlando late that night, met my parents at the airport, picked up our rental car, and headed to our adorable condo at the Lucaya Village Resort.

The next morning (Sunday, February 12th) we all gathered in the kitchen for breakfast and I thought that would be a good time to tell my parents I was pregnant. I gave them a small box and told them that it was a present from when Josh and I went on that Epic Fall Road Trip (which wasn't a lie... *wink wink*).

They opened the box and this is what was inside:

They were very surprised and excited!

After my announcement, my dad and I took Brady and Dane to the Club House to see the pool and to play some video games. The only games they had were for the XBOX (which I don't know how to use) but we figured it out and played a few "kid friendly" games before heading back to the condo.

The whole group then got in the cars and headed to The Boggy Creek Airboat Rides so we could go on a 'gator tour!

[He's seriously so cute!] 

The airboat was LOUD so when we arrived we were given noise canceler headphones and the little boys were given life jackets. We zipped around the wetlands looking for 'gators, turtles, and exotic birds. Every so often the driver would stop and we could take off our headphones while he told us about the creature we were looking at. We all had a blast and the boys seemed to really enjoy it too! Cole was a huge fan as long as the boat was moving and he could feel the wind on his face!

After our ride Missy and I went to Disney Springs (similar to Downtown Disney at Disneyland) to get some Sprinkles Cupcakes for Brady's 6th birthday.

She decorated them with Mario characters and Brady loved it!

Happy birthday to my first nephew!

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