Friday, March 24, 2017

Family Trip to Orlando - Part II: Epcot and Magic Kingdom

The next morning (Monday, February 13th), Wade, Karen, Missy and I got up early and headed to Epcot! Since Epcot is not really a "kid friendly" park we decided to leave the three little ones behind with Grandma and Papa. 

We got to the park about 30 minutes before it opened and when the gates officially opened we headed straight to "Future World West" where we went on Soarin' Around the World and Living with the Land.

I LOVE Soarin' Over California (in California Adventure) so I was beyond excited for Soarin' Around the World! The ride was so fun!

After those rides we went to "Future World East" where Wade, Karen, and Missy rode on Mission: SPACE and Test Track. Since I was not able to ride, due to the bundle of joy growing in my uterus, I babysat their backpacks.

After these rides we walked over to the "World Showcase" where all the countries are. While we were heading that way we saw these street actors that were part of the "Festival of the Arts".

After getting a few pictures we headed over to Canada where we bought a parmesan-truffle-wild mushroom risotto. I love truffles but the wild mushrooms were a little overwhelming so Karen ended up finishing it :-)

We then went to "O Canada!" which was a 15 minute film about Canada which is hosted by Martin Short! 

After Canada we walked to the United Kingdom where Missy and I (still hungry) split a platter of fish and chips! YUM!

After lunch we walked over to France where we watched "Impressions de France", a short film about France. I loved it! I kept saying, "Oh! I've been there!" or "Man, I should have gone there!" It just made me realize there is still so much to see!

Throughout the day Missy and I tried to teach Wade and Karen how to properly take a selfie and what a "photo bomb" is.

[Photo bomb!]

Before leaving France we went to Crepes des Chefs de France and got some authentic French crepes with ice cream! YUM!

We then walked to Morocco where we were drawn in by all the delicious food smells! We decided then that we would come back for dinner.

Our next stop was Japan!

[Selfie practice!]


We then wandered over to "The American Adventure" were were took power naps *cough* I mean, we watched a 30 film about the United States.

Next, we walked over to Italy! It was like being back in Venice! Only much, MUCH smaller!

And, of course, we got gelato! You can't go to Italy and not get gelato!

Our next stop was Germany where the four of us spilt a HUGE pretzel and a bratwurst. Delicious!

After our snack we walked over to China where we went to a 14 minute movie about the beautiful country. I added everything I saw to my bucket list!

After China we walked back to "The American Adventure" where we attended a short musical experience at the Gardens Theatre. I am so glad we went to this! The man who played Mufasa and the woman (I don't remember their names) who played Nala in Lion King on Broadway performed various Broadway hits. They were AMAZING!

After the show we walked back to Morocco where we got some gyros and hummus. YUM!

Then we walked to Norway where we got some delicious treats and then we went on the "Frozen Ever After" ride (thanks Missy for getting us Fast Passes!).

Our last country to visit was Mexico! We went on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros ride before walking back to the entrance of the park so we could ride Spaceship Earth.

Epcot was amazing and I would definitely go back! There was so much to see and so much good food to eat!

Tuesday, February 14th

Today the whole group went to Magic Kingdom! I don't know who was more excited, me or the kids!

The park wasn't completely open yet and we were not able to get to the rides, so we walked down Main Street and spent a few minutes taking pictures of the Castle.

We then headed over to Adventureland where we waited for the official opening of the park. Once the ropes were let down, we headed straight to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then we went on the Jungle Cruise!

After those rides we walked to Frontierland where everyone, minus Cole and I, went on Splash Mountain. While they were on the ride, Cole and I walked over to the "viewing area" so we could see the family while they went down the big drop! At this time we FaceTimed Josh and I made sure he knew how much we missed him!

I put Cole up on this ledge and let him lay against me. He had a great time touching my face and I think at one point I had two little fingers up my nose!

First we saw the group cruise by in front of the waterfall

and then we saw them on the big drop!

After Splash Mountain we walked over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad where the family, minus Cole and I, went on the ride.

It seems like the family, especially the boys, really enjoyed these rides!

We then headed over to Liberty Square so that we could kill some time before our Fast Passes for Haunted Mansion were available. We tried to go to The Hall of Presidents but it was closed. While we were standing outside the Hall we were approached by a Cast Member who told us that he was sorry it was closed. We asked him what else we can do while we wait for our Haunted Mansion Fast Passes to start and he informed us that he was a manager and that we didn't have to wait until our Fast Passes started because he could get us into the Haunted Mansion RIGHT NOW! Yeah!

After the Haunted Mansion we headed over to Fantasyland to go on It's a Small World.

[Dad with Don Quixote and Sancho]

After a nice lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus (where I got a caesar salad with no dressing), my parents took the grandkids on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

Missy and I then took Dane and Brady on Dumbo the Flying Elephant!

We finished off Fantasyland by going to the Mickey's PhilharMagic show and then riding the Little Mermaid ride and Peter Pan's Flight.

We then headed over to Tomorrowland where we rode the PeopleMover and went to the Carousel of Progress.

[Brady used his birthday money to buy him and Dane lolly pops. Such a nice kid!]

[Grandma and her boys!]

While we waited for our Fast Passes for Space Mountain to start we walked back to Main Street to get ice cream!

[The boys with their matching shirts that their mom made for them!]

We then went to the Castle where we watched the Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party!

[Party on Main Street!]

We then walked back to Tomorrowland where most of the family went on Space Mountain. While they were on the ride I took the double stroller, Dane, and Cole, and went for a walk around the whole park. We got back just as the rest of the group were getting off the ride. 

We then walked down Main Street and left the park. The whole family had such a great time and I am so excited to go back one day with Josh!

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Lacey said...

I LOVE soaring as well! And I just saw the world version in California last month. They did an awesome job!
Also the 360 degree china movie us awesome. I want to go to there! (the actual china...)