Friday, March 17, 2017

Sushi Night and an Early Valentines Day

After I found out I was pregnant I bought a book and really started researching things that I could and could not do and could or could not eat.

I knew that raw fish was on the list of things I had to avoid, BUT I can still have "sushi", we just had to make sure the fish was cooked all the way through. So Josh bought some sushi rice, seaweed, salmon, and avocado's and made us some delicious sushi!

[Sushi! Complete with lightsaber chopsticks!]

I knew I was going to be gone for Valentines Day this year (I was last year too... oops!) so we did Valentines Day early again!

I love flowers but I am super allergic so Josh got me chocolate covered strawberries, a stuffed bear, a balloon and the best Valentines Day card EVER!

I got him some "safety approved" Oakley sunglasses, but they didn't come until after I had left for Orlando... oops! 

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