Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I'M PREGNANT! Josh and I are THRILLED to announce that we will be joined by a beautiful baby BOY on August 16th!

You can stop reading now if you don't want intimate details... you've been warned :-)

Just before Christmas I was starting to feel some strange womanly symptoms: breast tenderness and chest acne. I thought it was strange, but then I realized that I didn't remember when my last period was (I guess I just lost track during our Epic Road Trip). Josh and I decided then that we should really start "trying" (tracking my cycle, ovulation test, etc.) in January, so on our way home from seeing Rogue One we stopped by a Walgreens and I purchased two pregnancy test and ovulation test. I was so sure that I wasn't pregnant, but I wanted to make sure before we went to Wisconsin for Christmas.

Welp, I took the first test and not even a minute later the screen showed "Pregnant". I honestly didn't believe it. So I drank a bunch of water and took the second one. Same result: "Pregnant"

What to do now?! We started to really rack our brains so we could figure out how far along I was. We came to the conclusion that I was probably only 6 weeks along (at the most) so we decided it would be the best to not tell anyone just yet.

Christmas in Wisconsin went off without any problems. Once we got home I found a local OBGYN and made an appointment. On January 9th Josh and I went to see the OB. When we got there we were told we would be set up with a Midwife (unless that was not what we wanted) and that is when we met Heather. She was super nice and answered all our questions. We then scheduled an ultrasound for later that week so we could see our little gummy bear.

During the ultrasound we saw our little guy (even though we didn't know it yet) and we got to listen to his super strong heartbeat.

Over the next few weeks I started to really feel pregnant. I would either be super hungry or uncomfortably full (sometimes at the same time), I would feel dizzy and nauseated a lot (especially in the morning and at night), excess gas, and I'm having aversions to sugar (most of the time).

[I got freakishly hungry one night so we went to Cracker Barrel! YUM!]

So far my pregnancy has been pretty normal and I am beyond grateful for that! Stay tuned to see how I told my parents and my trip to Orlando!

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