Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gender Reveal

On March 6th I went to my monthly appointment with my Midwife in Ottawa. At the appointment I asked her when we would be able to do an ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby (since I was already 17 weeks), and she said that since their ultrasound machine isn't very good, we would have to wait until I was 20-22 weeks along! I didn't want to wait another 3-5 weeks, so we made an appointment for March 8th at a little Boutique in Chicago called Peek A Belly!

I met Josh in Chicago after work and we went to the Boutique.

We were taken into this cute room that had a nice comfortable seat for Josh and a large bed for me to lay on. The lady asked us what we wanted and I said, "A girl! But I know it's probably a boy."

She started the ultrasound and our first view of the baby was his back. She said, "Oh! He's got a really nice spine!"

[The baby was sleeping on his tummy]

She spent the next few seconds trying to get a better view and then she turned and looked at me with a sad face. "Well, it's a boy!"

I knew it! I knew it! I cried a little, but I had prepared myself for this moment. My parents will have 6 grandkids by the end of the summer and they are ALL boys! My family just has boys, I guess! 

The lady then had me turn on my side so we could get a good shot of his face but he wasn't having it. Baby boy had both of his hands up on his face so we couldn't get a clear view of him BUT we were able to confirm that he had ten fingers! So he's shy and sleeps with his hand by his face, totally his father's son!

After the ultrasound was over the lady gave us a blue balloon, a small gift basket, and a CD with a bunch of pictures.

We then drove home where we called and told my family what we were having! Everyone was so excited for us!

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Leslie Elaine said...

Yay! I understand the feeling, being a little sad it isn't a girl, Evan's family does boys too. But they are SO much fun!!! I love being a boy mom! I know you will too!