Saturday, January 2, 2010

Highlights of 2009

In no particular order...

-New job and the UNEV Pipeline project
I was recruited by a friend (who is now my boss) for a huge pipeline project beginning in June. I quit my old job, gave up my apartment, and lived the next few months out of various hotels. This project was hard but fun and I made a lot of awesome new friends along the way. At the end of the project I was hired on full time and moved to Cedar City to continue working.

[Jeff, Me]

- Europe trip with the hohos (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX)
Hands down one of the best trips! Don't get me wrong all those trips to Hawaii, going to Egypt last year, and backpacking through the UK were all amazing trips... but this one was with my girls!

[Katey, Emily]

-Disneyland Trip
A few hours after returning from Europe I left for CA to spend a few days at Disneyland!

[Luke, Allison, Richard, Me, Brooke, Lisa]

- Lakers won their 15th Championship
It made me happy!

[Tahnee, Tyler, Michael John, Me, Luke]

- Knowing, without a doubt, I have the best friends in the world and this last year would have been so much harder without them

- Seeing my first
Demolition Derby

[Delta, UT]

- Hiking through Arches National Park

[Lisa, Allison, Carri, Me]

- Getting my own place

- Finally hiking Angels Landing

- Winning 14 dollars in nickels while playing poker with my co-workers

- Getting to spend a lot of time in Vegas with Katey and Emily

- Staying at the haunted Kirks Hotel in Tooele and going on missions with my awesome boss


- Spending my birthday at a dueling piano bar and then in Park City

[Dana, Me]

This year has been the hardest, but one of the best years of my life.

I put my self through a lot of physical and emotional pain, but with the lows came all the highs.

I don't regret it. Not any of it. The lows showed me how amazing my friends are. It showed me that no matter what I do or what happens to me my friends will be there. How many of you have friends that will drive 6 hours just to spend a few hours with you?

Hey, mom, consider this my Christmas card picture! : )

Happy New Year!


Cristina said...

Happy New Year!! Loved this post - what a great way to sum everything up! and that Christmas card pic is hands down the best one I've seen :)

Lisa said...

You've had a eventful year! Hope this one brings you all your heart desires.

Rob -n- Katie Rasmussen said...

I'm glad to see things are going good for you.

Lacey Lue said...

happy new year. you are pretty much amazing and have a pretty awesome life. we need to hang out someday...