Saturday, July 20, 2013

Excited About My Lakers

I am actually really excited about my Lakers this year!

Steve Blake, Kobe, Gasol, Ebanks, Jordan Hill, Jamison, Chris Kaman, Meeks, Morris, Nash, Sacre, Mark Madson (maybe he will dance for us again!), and Jordan Farmar!

We got rid of the Dwight drama! Yes!

I think what makes me the most excited is that the team is filling up with guys that want to be there. They are excited about being in LA and being on the team. 

Also, there is no pressure... well, maybe a little bit... we are still in LA. 

But this is viewed as a "rebuilding year" and a "trimming the fat year". The Lakers got rid of some of the big-buck-guys (Howard and World Peace) in order to save up for some big-buck-guys that are free agents next season (Lebron and Melo). I don't care about the 2014-2015 season. I am going to focus on THIS season! I hope the guys have fun. I hope they realize that we are not expecting a Championship this year. Just make it to the Playoffs and we will be happy :-)

Since Josh and I went to a Packers game for Christmas this last year I'm hoping we can go to a Lakers game this year while we are in CA for Christmas visiting my family! How fun would that be?! We will need to get Josh a jersey though :-)

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