Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Time in ND

Fresh produce is hard to come by in North Dakota. If you can find it it's either a little shady OR it's really expensive. It seems like during the Summer there is an abundance of local produce which is great! It is still expensive but I need to have my fruits and veggies! 

While I was in Minot during my last grocery run I came across these little beauties:

Since the weather has been so nice this season, we have been grilling as much as we can. One night Josh decided to make some "Death Burgers" which included jalapenos, habaneros, and Ghost Peppers.

He made some normal burgers for me before he added the heat. I didn't even try one (even jalapenos are too hot for me!), but Josh seemed to really enjoy his! He said next time he'll add more Ghost Peppers to really crank up the heat! Crazy guy!

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