Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three's a Crowd!

Josh and I had our first visitor. He showed up on Saturday and is having so much fun that he is having a hard time leaving!

The truth is, I really want him gone. I hate him! He drives me crazy! He poops in our kitchen drawers and on the floor! Ugh! I really wish I could communicate with him about my intent to kill him, but that's just life. It will have to just be a surprise!

Oh yea, our visitor is a mouse

He's been leaving me little "treats" since Saturday and Sunday night I actually saw him. I screamed and ran into the bedroom to wake Josh up. Dumb idea. What was I expecting him to do? Catch it with his bare hands?

So, on Monday I went to the store and bought 4 "No See" mouse traps and a bunch of poison. We laid them out throughout the kitchen and the living room (the only places I have seen poops). I've also taken all the pots and pans out of the drawers and put them on the couch. I don't want his dirty paws all over my nice clean dishes! 

What now? We wait, right? 

Well, it's been a few days and the mouse is still leaving poops around. Maybe he is just taunting me. Maybe he knows what the traps are and what the poison looks like. I was really hoping it wouldn't take this long. He's gotta either die or leave soon right? As far as I can tell he can't reach the food (I keep it in the high cupboards) and none of it has been tampered with. I'm also a really clean person so I make sure the floor is swept and the table and counters are wiped down before I go to bed. What is keeping him here? What is he eating?! 

Ahh! I just want him gone and if he brings any friends over I'm gonna call an exterminator!! 

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Brendon said...

Stupid mice! We had one that drove me BONKERS!!!! He heard him night after night in our walls, then he found our pantry & left lots of poop & chewed through at least $20 worth of food, then he chewed a hole in our bathroom wall. Talk about taunting! We finally caught him because of the little hole. As he was climbing out, the trap caught him. I bought 3 different traps, but caught him with a Tomcat Mouse Trap (with a large plastic pad). Good luck with your mouse.