Friday, July 12, 2013

The Welder

Josh loves to weld. Period.

He's had many different jobs over the last two years including various pipeline jobs (swamper, operator, x-ray technician, and inspector) and temporary "temp agency" jobs. I think the happiest and most excited I have ever seen him at a job was when we were living in Utah and he got a short-termed welding job. It just seemed like he was excited to go to work every morning and he was excited to come home and tell me about it. He even took pictures on his phone so he could show me the projects they were working on. 

I think if he could weld for the rest of his life he would.

There is, however, a drawback to welding: It doesn't pay like pipeline inspection work does. Well, not many jobs do anyways. I think if Josh could weld and make the money he makes right now he would be very happy. I guess you can become a pipeline welder... that's a whole other debate though...

So, Josh was very excited when we got invited over to Suzi, Clay, and Charles' for dinner and Clay told Josh to bring his welding clothes.

Neither of them have welded in a while, so they were a little rusty, but Josh and Clay are both really good so it was easy to fall back into it. The guys ended up welding for hours as Suzi and I sat inside and chatted. After a while we decided to go out there and watch. Well, you can't really watch since it's bad to look at the spark (is that even what it's called?!), but I managed to get some pictures anyways.

[Josh is really excited]

[Like a pro]

[Clay welding and Josh looking on]

[Josh welding with Charles looking on] 

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