Sunday, July 28, 2013

Personal Finance & Investing

I've always been good at managing my money. I've had my little checking and savings accounts for a long time, but beyond that I haven't really done anything else with my money. 

Now that Josh is making good money I figured it was time to start looking into investing and our financial future.

I've been talking to my dad a lot and reading "Personal Finance for Dummies" and "Investing for Dummies." I was a little hesitant at first about the books but they turned out to be very well written and informative. 

I love planning for the future, making budgets, and thinking about finances. I'm not obsessed or anything. But I do think in another life I was supposed to be an accountant or something :-)


Rachelle said...

I've always wanted to get those books to read but was afraid they weren't worth it. Maybe I'll give them a shot now knowing someone else has read them and they're not as lame as I thought!

Allison said...

Smart! Good decisions now make for a better life later! I'm sure you won't regret the time investing in gaining this knowledge.

full house said...

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