Monday, July 15, 2013

Retiring the Shoes

I have had my current running shoes for almost 5 years. They have seen a lot and are well worn. I've had the hardest time giving them up. I think it's because they are so broken-in that it feels like I am running barefoot, which I love, which is also why I have FiveFingers.

Anyways, the time has come for retirement. 

While we were in Hawaii I mentioned to Missy that I love my FiveFingers and the feeling of being barefoot. So she recommended that I try out the Nike Free Run shoes! 

I've been using them for two weeks now and I love them! They are really snug (good thing I have narrow feet) and super light. I feel like I jump higher and run faster because I'm not as weighed down (I don't know if that is true or not).

Just in case you were wondering, I didn't throw my old shoes away. Not because I'm too attached, but because I decided to really invest in a great, homemade 72-hour kit (post is coming up soon) so they are going in there.


Emily and Kenny said...

I love my Nike Free Run shoes! They're seriously the greatest!

Tiersha Whitmore said...

Melissa was telling us all about them. Josh and I have some new Nike's and love them too. Having the right shoe makes all the difference!

Jamie said...

I've been thinking about getting some Nike Free. This has convinced me a little more!