Thursday, June 12, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part II

Wednesday, May 21st:

Josh and I started the day by going to the airport to pick up my SIL Missy and her two boys, Brady and Dane. I was so excited to see how big the boys had gotten since Christmas! They are so CUTE!

On theway back to the Balboa Beach House I had them dropped me off at Spa Gregorie's for my "Spa Day". After working so hard for so long I thought I really deserved a few hours to myself to just relax. 
I arrived at 11:00 AM and they showed me to my locker where my sandals and bath robe were waiting. I got dressed in my spa outfit and headed to the "Quiet Room" where I nearly fell asleep on a couch waiting for my fist appointment.

The massage therapist came out and took me into the room where I had a 90 minute full-body massage. It was AMAZING! I've had a few massages in my life but this one was one of the best. 

After that I went to have a full-body wrap. I've done salt wraps before but this one was different. I got completely undressed (except for these little "spa undies" that they give you) and laid down on a massage table that was covered in plastic. The lady then came in and explained what she was going to do. She rubbed oils all over my body (back and font) and then took a hot mud (it felt like hot wax) and painted my body with that. She then wrapped me up in the plastic and blankets and told me I was going to get really got and that she would be right back. Sure enough I started sweating like CRAZY! She then came back in and gave me a drink of water and patted my face down with a cold towel. She told me that I needed to last at least 10 minutes in order for the wrap to work! I was SO HOT but I decided to do it. She kept asking me if I could go longer and finally after 20 minutes I was just too hot to keep going. She unwrapped me and stripped off all of the hot mud/waxy stuff and then I went and took a shower. After the shower I went back to the room where she rubbed tightening lotion all over me and gave me a little bottle to take home. The treatment was supposed to help tighten your skin and apparently you can loose 1-2 inches off of your waist. Well, my dress fit on the big day so I guess it worked!

After my wrap I had lunch. The spa brought me a turkey and avocado sandwich with fresh fruit. It was so tasty! After that I went back to the "Quiet Room" to wait for my last appointment: an acne treatment facial. I told the facial lady that I was getting married in a few days and she told me that she was going to do a different facial because the acne facial makes you peel and she didn't want me to be peeling at my wedding. How nice! The facial was great and the lady gave me some extra mask so I could use it the night before the wedding. The whole experience at the spa was AMAZING! Can I please go back soon?!

While I was at the spa, Brodee and Sara got into town. Josh went to the airport to help them with getting the rental car and to help them find the hotel. Sara then let Josh take Brodee so that they could spend some time together. Josh brought Brodee to the Balboa house where he introduced him to my nephews. Brodee and Brady got a lot really well and it seemed like they had a great time playing together at the beach house!

That night my mom and I went to Alfred Angelo (where I bought my wedding dress) so that I could get lace straps added to the dress. Turns out there was a miss communication and they didn't order enough lace and ordered WAY too much satin. Well, I guess I could have freaked out and turned into a Brideszilla but I kept my cool, asked for a refund, and we went on our way. Oh well. Minor setback... gotta look at the big picture here...

That night we all gathered at the Balboa house and had pizza and played with Brodee.

Josh and Brodee ended up having a little slumber party out in the living room. It was adorable!

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