Thursday, June 19, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part VII

Saturday, May 24th:

The Reception

After we were married we walked back down the aisle hand-in-hand towards the gazebo. It was here that the wedding singer, Bobby, took over and had everyone gather around. Josh and I gave small speeches (mine was cut super short when I started crying) and then we cut the cake.

Bobby then invited everyone into the tent (where the reception would be) for cocktail hour while the immediate family headed back to the water fountain to take pictures.

[Missy and Brady]

[Mom and dad]

[Me and my sandals]

[Me photobombing Jessi, and Ally]

[Emily, Me, and Katey]

[Missy and Brady]


[Ryan and baby Dane]

While we were taking pictures, Bobby serenaded the crowd with his amazing voice! 

Flashback: We met with our DJ, Julie, while we were in CA over Christmas break. While we were talking to her we mentioned that we like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Elvis, and Dean Martin for wedding music and she suggested that we meet her husband Bobby. Bobby then put on a show for us in the garage and we fell in LOVE! We kept requesting more and more songs until they finally kicked us out! Bobby does a Frank Sinatra show in Vegas at the Wynn and he does other impersonation shows too! I am so glad that we asked him to be our wedding singer. Everyone loved him! And some of our guest even wanted their picture with him! :-)

After the pictures we were welcomed into the tent as "Mr. and Mrs. Josh Carlson", did our First Dance (Michael Buble - Close Your Eyes) as husband and wife, took our seats at the sweetheart table, heard the toast by my dad, Emily, and George, and ate dinner.


We got our meals first so we could eat quickly and then walk around and talk to everyone. 

[Cousins Sharman, Michelle, and Cheryl]

[High School friends: Aubrey, Jessica, and Jamie]

[Me and Josh with Jamie and Jason]

[My dad with his sister Heidi]

[Us with the Pyle cousins]

[The Three Musketeers: Nicole, me, and Tiersha]

[Me and Tiersha]

[Haylee, Brandon, and Allie]

[Papa and Aunt Lisa]

[Kaylee and Zach]

[Karilyn and Blake]

[Shannon and Rob]

[Heidi and Dave]

[Walt and Darbi]

[Jared and Haylee]

[Cheryl and Brandon]

[Kenny and Emily]

[Luke and Andie]

[Nana, Abby, and Jeff]

[Kasey and Preston]

[Jamie, Walt, and Darbi]

We tried REALLY hard to make it around to say hi to everyone and to make sure they were all having a great time. After talking to our amazing guest, we had the Father-Daughter Dance. We danced to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Even though we struggled to waltz (I kept stepping on my dress) it was still a memorable moment with my dad.


At about 10:00 the dance party started and it seemed like everyone had a great time dancing to classics like the YMCA, Cha-Cha Slide, and Gangnam Style! Even Josh joined in and he does not dance very well!

Right before 11 PM, Chris and Reily approached me and asked if we wanted to do our "Grand Exit" soon. I could not believe that the night was over already! So we gathered everyone around, passed out the bubbles, said goodbye to Bobby, and took off down the row of our guest while being showered with bubbles!

We jumped in the Challenger and headed off to the Laguna Cliffs Marriott where we both collapsed from exhaustion!

[Josh's cufflinks... I thought they were funny!]

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Leslie Elaine said...

You're so beautiful! It looks lovely. I'm sad that I missed it and couldn't make it down.