Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part V

Saturday, May 24th:


I seriously could NOT stop telling people that I was getting married! I just felt like the whole world should know how happy and excited I was!

I woke up at the hotel (after getting a great nights sleep), got ready, headed to Starbucks to get a poppy-seed muffin and a Mocha Frappuccino, and then went to South Coast Plaza. I have a large tattoo on my back that I love but I wanted covered for the wedding. I made an appointment with Leah at Make Up For Ever months ago because I heard that she was the best at covering up tattoos (she has a lot of her own and has been doing this for a while). I arrived at the mall, met with Leah, and she took me to a back room where she got started. She said that sometimes they will work on people in the shop so that other costumers could see them but she didn't want to do that with such a large piece to cover. People don't know how to move on. She said they just tend to stop and stare. Awkward! 

It took a few hours to apply the makeup and during that time a lot of the staff would come in and out of the room to see the progress. Every time someone came in they would say how amazing it looked and how impressed they were. Sweet! That's good to know! :-)  Towards the end we had to show people the "before" picture so they could know how big it was and they always responded with disbelief. No regrets there!

After my back makeup was applied I went to Cafe Rio and enjoyed a steak salad (no beans) by myself. My last meal as a single woman! It was at this point that I really started telling strangers that I was getting married that day. They would all get so excited for me. And that would get me even more excited! It was fun and maybe just a little pathetic! 

While I was getting my back covered up, my family took the bridal party, the Stringam's, and the Carlson's out on the Duffy boats. They got sandwiches and Sprinkles cupcakes for everyone and then just cruised around the harbor. The boats don't go very fast and so it's really "kid friendly". 

[They had 4 boats and Josh was one of the "captains"]

[Suzi (Josh's mom), "Shorty" (Josh's uncle), Sara (Brodee's mom), Josh, Brodee, and Grandpa Joe]

[Josh, Brodee, and Grandpa Joe]

[Brodee and George (Josh's dad)]

After lunch I went to my parents place where I met up with Karilyn, my mom and dad, my bridesmaids, and the photographer (Chris Darnall) and his assistant. 

Karilyn got to work on my mom and I while Chris and his assistant took pictures of the rings and my dress. They really liked the coral and dried starfishes that my parents had in their home. They held the rings quite well and "they don't fight you like people do." LOL! I really loved our photographers! Karilyn was able to do my hair and makeup, my moms hair and make up, and then help the bridesmaids with their hair and make up too. She was amazing and I am so glad that she was able to help us look amazing too!

Next we all piled in the cars (with me in my bathrobe) and headed to Tivoli Too!!

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