Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part VI

Saturday, May 24th:

The Wedding

I arrived at Tivoli Too! with my parents and bridal party at about 5:45 so that I could finish getting ready and get situated before my "grand entrance" at 6:30. 

I was greeted by my amazing wedding coordinator Riley and taken to the "Brides room" where they had apple cider and crackers for us. My mom and bridesmaids then helped me into my dress. Of course, right after I put it on I got nervous and had to pee! Luckily, my amazing maid of honor was there to assist me :-)

[My beautiful bridesmaids: Missy, Katey, Andie, and Emily]

[Me and Emily]

[Me and Missy]

[The girls helping me get my dress and sandals on]

[Missy, my mom, and Andie]

[Katey and Emily]

[Me and my soon-to-be sister-in-law Andie]

[Sara sent us these cute pictures of Brodee getting ready]


[Brandon, George, my dad, "Shorty", Brodee, and Grandpa Joe]

After getting dressed we were all escorted out the back door so that we could get lined up without being seen. 

The grandparents and mothers were escorted down the aisle first, followed by the bridal party, and Brodee. 

[Papa and Nana - my dad's parents]

[My mom being escorted by her sons, Ryan and Luke]

[Josh escorting his mom, Suzi, down the aisle]

 [Brandon and Andie]

["Shorty" and Missy]

[Grandpa Joe and Katey]

 [George and Emily]

[Brodee and Josh's sister Jessi]

 [Bridesmaids and President Brennan]

[President Brennan, Brodee, Josh and the groomsmen]

[Brodee stood like a rockstar during the whole ceremony]

It was fun to hide in the back with my dad. We joked about what he should say when President Brennan asked him, "Who gives this woman away?" I suggested he say, "THIS GUY!" and point at himself with both thumbs but he decided against it :-)

Next, was my grand entrance!

It was so fun to have my dad walk me down the aisle. He seemed so calm and just smiled while I waved at various people and could hardly contain my excitement!

When we got up to the front Josh stepped forward and my dad gave me away.

The ceremony was short and sweet. President Brennan talked about the importance of marriage and told a story about silverware. He was my Bishop when I was growing up which made the ceremony more personal and special. President Brennan did such a great job and I am so happy that we asked him to officiate!

Josh was so cute during the ceremony. He just held my hands so tight and kept smiling :-) 

After President Brennan married us in holy matrimony and pronounced us man and wife, we exchanged rings and then turned to the crowd and cheered!




Haylee said...

Wow Courtney! What a beautiful day! And you are one gorgeous bride!! So happy for you!

S Mad said...

Looks like so much fun, so wish we could have been there.

Leslie Elaine said...

Courtney! You're the best! Congrats!