Saturday, June 14, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part III

Thursday, May 22nd:

The next morning Missy, Brady, Dane, Brodee, Josh, and I went on a stroll down Marine Ave (the main street on Balboa Island) to get some doughnuts. Yum! Some of the best around!

[Father and son]

[Brady and Brodee]

After breakfast Missy, Dane, and I went to Daphne Greek Cafe for some gyros and to Costco to buy some coupons for Lucille's Smokehouse (where dinner would be Friday night) while Josh, Brodee, and Brady stayed at the Balbo House and played. 

[The boys liked to stand on the fence and watch the airplanes go by]

Later that afternoon I headed inland to and go meet my cousin Karilyn at Desiree's house for my hair and makeup trial-run. While I was on the road Karilyn called me and told me that they were running late and wouldn't be there for another hour. She suggested meeting me at my Aunt Jody's house (where my bridal shower would be taking place later that evening) and that we could just do the trial there. 

Since I had an hour to kill I decided to go to the bank and to In-n-Out. I got a "fry-well" and a chocolate shake! YUM!


After eating my little snack I headed over to my Aunt Jody's to meet Karilyn. Aunt Jody let us use her large, beautiful bathroom (thanks again!) and Karilyn got to work beautifying me.

After Karilyn snapped a few photos she took my hair down and we headed downstairs to the bridal shower.


My family is AMAZING! Have I ever mentioned that?! My cousins Nicole and Kasey and my Aunt's Jody and Heidi did such a great job throwing me a shower. Everything was beautiful and the food was great!

I was so surprised at how many people were able to make it to my shower and even a lot of my out-of-town guest made it!

We started off the night by having me go around and introduce everyone. Luckily I knew everyone in the room and had no problem with that :-)

After introductions we played a funny game that Nicole hosted. Before the shower she sent Josh and I a questionnaire. We filled it out separately and then sent it back to her. She then picked the questions/answers she like the best and tuned it into a "who said this" guessing game. She had cards that either had "Josh" or "Courtney" written on them (with a Lakers background I might add!). She gave a "Josh" and "Courtney" card to everyone in the group. Next, she read a question and then said an answer. The group had to hold up the name of the person that they think said the answer. Nicole gave me large pictures of Josh and I on sticks and after she asked the group who they think said the answer I would show them who said it by holding up either my picture or Josh's (or both). It was a super cute game and I think everyone learned something about Josh and I!

[During the game]

[Nicole and I]

After the game I opened presents (some naughty ;-) and some nice) and mingled with everyone. I actually started to feel a little anxious at that point (the wedding jitters were starting to set in) so I was really happy when people decided to talk amongst themselves and help themselves to food and not pay too much attention to me while I opened presents. It took away a lot of the pressure. I am so thankful for the amazing turn out from all my friends and family!

[Opening presents]

[Wearing my tiara with my Lakers apron and my bow bouquet]

[Cousins! Nicole, me, Tiersha, and Desiree]

[Me with the Hostesses: Nicole, Heidi, and Jody]

While the ladies were at my shower the guys all went out to Dave & Busters for a little Guys-Night-Out. Josh said they all had a great time and it was nice for Josh's family to be able to hang out with my family and get to know them before the big day!


Haylee said...

HOLY GORGEOUS!!!! YOu are SOOO incredibly beautiful!! WOW!!

Haylee said...

HOLY GORGEOUS!!!! YOu are SOOO incredibly beautiful!! WOW!!