Monday, June 16, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part IV

Friday, May 23rd:

Today I got to spend sometime with my beautiful bridesmaids! I asked my SIL Missy, my future SIL Andie, and my two best girlfriends Emily and Katey to be my bridesmaids and stand with me on the day of the wedding. 

First, we went and got mani-pedis. Gotta look fancy for the wedding! I think they had our reservation wrong at the salon and it seemed like the appointments were really rushed. Oh well... I got dark purple on my toes because I was wearing sandals to the wedding and french on my fingers :-)

After the nails were done we went to Maggiano's for lunch. I knew I should be staying away from the carbs so I could fit into my dress but I figured it was too late to be worrying about that! We all got some delicious pasta and then split a huge slice of cheesecake. YUM! I also gave my girls their bridesmaid gifts: little Coach purses. It seems like they all really liked them!

After lunch we headed back to the Balboa Beach House were we ran into the Stringams (my moms family)! We said hi quickly and then Josh and I went to get our Marriage License at the Laguna Hills Civic Center.

I made an appointment ahead of time so we didn't have to wait inline which was nice. After holding up our right hands and swearing that everything we wrote down was truthful (and paying a small fee) we were given our license. It was at this point that things got REALLY real.

At 4:00 PM Josh and I met with our wedding party at TIvoli Too! to run through a rehearsal and to make any last minute adjustments to the venue or the program. We gave Reilly (our wedding coordinator) the money for the DJ and the marriage license so he could get it to President Brennan for signing. We also dropped off the escort cards, pens, sign-in book, and decorations and looked around the reception area to make sure things were coming together how we wanted it. We walked through the ceremony and had everyone walk down the aisle. We decided to have someone escort Brodee down the aisle because he was really hyper and I thought he needed some guidance. 
[Josh and Brodee at Tivoli Too! right after Brodee fell in the pond! What a little stinker!]

After the rehearsal Josh and I took Brodee to Target to buy him some new clothes and a few other things since we had time to kill before dinner. At Target we ran into Katey and Emily and some of our other out-of-town guest who also wanted to kill some time before dinner.

After making our purchases we all headed over to Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ where Josh and I hosted a dinner for our out-of-town guest and bridal party members. That was the first time that I was able to see some of our out-of-town guest and I was so excited! I can't believe I had people coming from New York, South Carolina, Utah, Idaho, Arizon, and Nevada just to celebrate with us. I truly have some amazing family and friends!

Once everyone took their seats at the long tables, the food was served! They brought out HUGE platters of meat (ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage) and a bunch of sides (corn, potatoes, salads, etc.). The food was served family style which got everyone talking and really enjoying themselves. Towards the end of dinner one of the servers came up to my dad and I and asked if we wanted dessert. SURE! Why not?! I think everyone was pretty full but the red velvet and chocolate cakes were delicious!

[Katey, me, and Emily

[Josh, me and cousin Tiersha]
After dinner we all headed back to the Balboa Beach House where I packed up and took the Challenger to Laguna Cliffs where I spent the night. I thought it would be a good/fun idea if Josh and I did see each other until the wedding.

[View from our room. The large lawn on the left side of the picture was also an option for the wedding. Having the ocean in the background while you get married is amazing but I think we all felt like Tivoli Too! was a better choice and we don't regret that decision!]


Katey Leatham said...

Love my coach purse, but loved spending time with you even more!

Katey Leatham said...

Love my coach purse, but loved spending time with you even more!