Friday, June 20, 2014

Josh & Courtney's Wedding Week: Part VIII

Sunday, May 25th:

The morning after the wedding we hosted a Brunch for our out-of-town guest and bridal party members at the Cheesecake Factory. 

Josh and I were on a pretty strict pre-wedding diet (no starches or sugars) but the wedding is over and I wanted a Belgian waffle! It was delicious!

Most of the out-of-town guest headed home after breakfast. I was sad to see them leave but so grateful that they came and celebrated with us! 

After breakfast we went back to the Balboa Beach House to open presents. Between the wedding, shower, and guys-night-out gifts we really didn't have too many big presents to open. Don't get me wrong, we were very happy about that! We debated whether it would be better to try and ship all the presents back to Indiana or if it would be return them all. Turns out Macy's (where we were registered) will ship everything to you for free. Perfect! So that's what we did!

After the Macy's run, I introduced Josh to Sprinkles! I figured since we were in the area we may as well indulge a little  ;-)

That night Josh and I ate dinner at the restaurant at the hotel (Vue). We had the seared ahi tuna appetizer to share, Josh got the Kobe beef with lobster risotto, and I got the filet mignon. Everything was amazing! The waiter then brought us a dessert on the house because we were newly-weds! We spent the rest of the night in the lounge having drinks and enjoying being with each other. It was nice to be stress free for a little while!

Monday, May 26th:
We got up late and decided to go to Balboa Island so that I could buy so new toe rings. 

Side story: I bought a few toe rings last time we were in CA but I had an allergic reaction to my wool socks and I had to cut them off. 

Before heading out we grabbed some Starbucks and sat out on the balcony of the hotel. It's so gorgeous there!




On our way to the island I introduced Josh to another CA treat: Ruby's on the PCH. We both got shakes and burgers. It was not as good as I remember though...


[Cruising down the PCH]

 We parked on the island and then took the ferry over to the Balboa Peninsula where I got my toe rings and Josh bought some sun glasses.

After that we went to my parents house where we hung out with Luke and Andie for a bit before they had to catch their flight back to Utah.

That night Missy, my parents, Josh, and I went out to dinner at the Blue Water Grill. I really took advantage of the fact that we were close to the water this last week. We DO NOT have good seafood in Indiana!

Tuesday, May 28th:
The next morning we got up, said goodbye to Laguna Cliffs, took the rental car back (Josh was pretty sad about that) and then caught our flight back to Indiana.

Even though we were gone for a week it really feels like it was a lot shorter then that. Honestly, part of me is so happy that it was all over. But the other half wants to do it all over again! It was so fun to see everyone and I am glad that it all came together so smoothly!

Now back to life and back to work!

[Josh at home trying out our new Nespresso machine]

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